Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stinky Shoes

All my shoes are starting to smell. Especially my little red flats which are fondly known as my 'Melbourne shoes' (on account of my wearing them all around Melbourne [genuis I know]). Bicarb soda or a return trip to the freezer may be in order. Only just found out about the freezer trick (zip-lock bag and an overnight stay should kill any bacteria in there) and am quite eager to try it.


The first season of a Midsummer Nights Dream in Gloucester at the Shakespeare Festival finished on the weekend. It was a huge week, emotions were high, drinking was compulsory, and our performances were really well recieved. We got out review in the paper today, and it's one of the best Longworth has written.
All 22 of us stayed in the caravan park, which sits across the atheletics oval from the Rec Centre where the play is held. The nights were cold, but the evenings were warm with drink and company. Our school performances were really well enjoyed by the students, and I saw an old old teacher whom I once had a crush on. (I also saw an old school friend I once had a crush on, but that's another story).
Our last nights celebrations were held in the hall... with loud loud music, crash mats, and much dancing.
An amazing week that can't even begin to be explained away.


  1. I love you and your stinky feet.

  2. And by feet, I mean shoes.
    Your feet smell nice.
    Not that I've ever really smelled them.
    But if I did, I imagine that they would smell nice.
    Like pretty soaps.

  3. Glad it went so well dude! Who was the ex-crush huh huh huh? Was it you-know-who? I'll fight you for 'im!

  4. haha, no. It was old SW (the year 12 crush...if you remember who that was>!)

  5. those red flats are nice... stinky :)) i want ur stinky feet

  6. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase let me smeel your feet, lick it & kiss it please i wanna be your foot slave & dont be warry about your feet smell i will inhale it all