Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Animation Fixation Part 1

Everyone has crushes as a kid/tween/teen/young lady/old hag. I had many. From the love of my 9 year old life, to the checkout boy, to the movie stars, to all those fellas in high school who broke my heart.

But there's another category that defy's reality. The world of animated hotties.

These amazing 2D characters joined my list of crushes without a second thought. And here today for your perusal are the first two of those chaps.

First up, it's that General we all loved from Mulan... General Chang.

Oooo he's fine. Look at his muscular hands and face!!

Next up is that mysterious lover from Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask. That red rose and concealed face really do it for me.

...And these are just my top two! More tomorrow I think.

Did you have an anime crush?



  1. definitely howl from howl's moving castle. :)

  2. Wilbs, that's my number three man! :D

    Kdawg. you are disturbed.

    giggle :D