Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Animation Fixation Part 1

Everyone has crushes as a kid/tween/teen/young lady/old hag. I had many. From the love of my 9 year old life, to the checkout boy, to the movie stars, to all those fellas in high school who broke my heart.

But there's another category that defy's reality. The world of animated hotties.

These amazing 2D characters joined my list of crushes without a second thought. And here today for your perusal are the first two of those chaps.

First up, it's that General we all loved from Mulan... General Chang.

Oooo he's fine. Look at his muscular hands and face!!

Next up is that mysterious lover from Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask. That red rose and concealed face really do it for me.

...And these are just my top two! More tomorrow I think.

Did you have an anime crush?


Stinky Shoes

All my shoes are starting to smell. Especially my little red flats which are fondly known as my 'Melbourne shoes' (on account of my wearing them all around Melbourne [genuis I know]). Bicarb soda or a return trip to the freezer may be in order. Only just found out about the freezer trick (zip-lock bag and an overnight stay should kill any bacteria in there) and am quite eager to try it.


The first season of a Midsummer Nights Dream in Gloucester at the Shakespeare Festival finished on the weekend. It was a huge week, emotions were high, drinking was compulsory, and our performances were really well recieved. We got out review in the paper today, and it's one of the best Longworth has written.
All 22 of us stayed in the caravan park, which sits across the atheletics oval from the Rec Centre where the play is held. The nights were cold, but the evenings were warm with drink and company. Our school performances were really well enjoyed by the students, and I saw an old old teacher whom I once had a crush on. (I also saw an old school friend I once had a crush on, but that's another story).
Our last nights celebrations were held in the hall... with loud loud music, crash mats, and much dancing.
An amazing week that can't even begin to be explained away.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Aye, there it is... Rosanna

"Fetch me that flower; the herb I showed thee once:
The juice of it on sleeping eye-lids laid
Will make man or woman madly dote
Upon the next live creature that it sees".

Midsummer's is only a week away! Things are getting interesting!

The vest that my mum altered for my Puck costume arrived in the mail today. It looks amazing. I attatched some ribbons for leaves and a few flowers and roses to complete the look.

I've also created the Rosanna flower (which will be used to lead lovers astray!). I tried to felt some wool to create the flower.... but as it turns out, I suck at felting, and I ended up with a messy ball of wool. Gaah!
So today was put away to remedy this. I payed a visit to Price Attack, and found some purple and blue hair clips. Once home I added some purple wool (the stuff that wouldn't felt), stitched in some actual felt for petals, and completed it with some blanket stitch. For the remedy herb i merely used the plue flowers with green wool. Then i wacked in some florist wire to give it shape, and VIOLA!!!!

I also made this necklace the other night out of a chain, buttons, beads and some old jewellery making bits that were given to me. So it'll be my Puck necklace now. :) Very pleased with the crafty results.


El xo

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Skills, Thrills and Soap Refills

A beautiful day for Novocastrians.

Olive Tree Markets were on again today, it being the first Saturday of the month and all. I picked up som elovely hair elastics, and something special for my dear Lobster friend. I also had the misfortune to come across two horribles (otherwise known as people who are pretty horrible). One of the horribles is quite famous, but made herself desliked by the majority of the theatre compay I roll with. Gah. The two gave me a smirk and plodded on their way. I left, feeling a little rotton.

But there's nothing like felting wool to wash away the moods. I had my second go at felting with the proper washed and carded wool you're supposed to have. I think I've gotten a bit better, but I guess I'll see how it dries. I'll be making a "Rosanna Flower" for A Midsummer Nights Dream. I have to play the guitar in rehearsals tonight. My character, Puck, will play Time After Time - the Eva Cassidy version, at some point during the play, so it's full steam ahead tonight. 2 weeks until we'll be at the Shakespeare Festival, performing our little hearts out.

We took some photo's during last weeks rehearsals. Here's a sneaky peak at Titania, Bottom and Oberon.

And Puck and Oberon.

And that's all she wrote.

El xo