Thursday, April 29, 2010

Watch me now, HEY!

As the time is slipping away, and my grades do much the same I'd like to take a moment just to catch this little blog here up. (cue "Catch me Up" by Gomez)

Firstly. Yesterday was a rather big day. I took a trip back to Gtown to visit my parents, and also haunted my favourite shops in the main street.
The Op-shop: This hit-and-miss wonder is full of Baptist women who drink tea, chat and exclaim how nice everything you've picked up is (even if it's a horrendous 80's outfit). I grabbed a couple of vests (one will be turned into a better vest for my Puck costume), and said horrendous 80's dress - though the lady behind the counter insisted it would look lovely over some leggings.
The Second hand book store: Oh yeah! I'm slowly clearing them out of plays. I managed to swindle:
The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood
Frankenstein by Mary Shelly
Three Irish plays
Two Brecht plays
Pygmalion - George Bernard Shaw
A book of Victorian Poets.

and finally The Shoe Shop: This is where all my money goes. I refuse to buy shoes out of Gtown. It's an amazing shop... which is closing down. But the closing down sales were amazing. I picked up a pair of Sarah Cole boots that went from $230 down to $30... WOW. :D

As if the shopping wasn't enough (not that I spent more than $50 on all that stuff!), last night was also the night Ross Noble came to town. Only my favourite comedian ever. 4th Row seats made my night, and I took my brother along for the ride! It was actually the best gig I've seen Ross do. Amazingly clever and funny. I waited around after the show at the stage door to finally try and meet him. But alas. He did not come out.

And I had a carton of Kinder Surprise Eggs for him and everything. :( Still <3 him though.

Also, I've rediscovered two of my past loves. Doctor Who. and... Masterchef.
But more on that later.

El xo

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fairy Tale Logic

Fairy Tale Logic, by A.E. Stallings.

Fairy tales are full of impossible tasks:
Gather the chin hairs of a man-eating goat,
Or cross a sulphuric lake in a leaky boat,
Select the prince from a row of identical masks,
Tiptoe up to a dragon where it basks
And snatch its bone; count dust specks, mote by mote,
Or learn the phone directory by rote.
Always it’s impossible what someone asks—

You have to fight magic with magic. You have to believe
That you have something impossible up your sleeve,
The language of snakes, perhaps, an invisible cloak,
An army of ants at your beck, or a lethal joke,
The will to do whatever must be done:
Marry a monster. Hand over your firstborn son

El xo

Friday, April 9, 2010

Some Expletive about Assignments

((from Iruka6 on deviantart))

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lomo Loco

Last Christmas I got a lovely Lomo camera! An Action Sampler, which takes 4 pictures really quickly, that comes out on one old fashioned photo. :) so awesome. I've only used two rolls of film so far because these days it's all quite expensive. But here is a sample of the action I managed to capture with the first lot.

Roll film!
Action Sampler! The camera itself

This is me... doing a twirl.


Mum is always falling down the stairs.

Our friend's dog. Sonic the wonderdog.

I've been meaning to take some more photo's and experiment more. Rest assured, it will be done.

El xo

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hunting Wabbits

... Something left chocolate eggs here... I just know it.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Fester

Happy This-is-the-only-day-chocolate-is-widely-accepted-as-a-breakfast-food Day!

Im celebrating easter this year with a little Lindt bunny given to my by a friend yesturday. And a mild hangover that needed some greasy bacon curing. That was sorted via a quick bus trip to market town (way to be closed waratah), where I took a detour to a little op shop.

I can't say it was an enjoyable detour. It was one of those 'actually full of shit that is also overpriced' ones. You know the sort. gah. BUT, when I'd lost all hope with the place, I found this little plate that reminds me of a cobblestone path. It was marked: "unusual plate; $5". MINE!

Anyhoo, yesturday was great. Olive Tree Markets were delightful, as usual, even better with a wonderful friend. We ate mini-dutch pancakes and drank chai tea!!


Origami bookmark; Babushka hair-clip; red Babushka gift tag; Big bow; Lindt Bunny!

Two Cards I bought from "High Tea with Mrs Woo". I'll frame them I think.
Stay Chipper!

El xox

Saturday, April 3, 2010


So today is almost the mst glorious day. Im going to pop over to Olive Tree Markets with a great friend, pop over to the shops, pop back home and make CAKE POPS!!!!!!

You have no idea how excited I am. Pop on over to Bakerella and see what she's doing. Because it looks effing delicious. So Im going to try Cake pops today. Instead of red velvet cake, i'll be using a devils food cake mix. We'll see how i go!

Then tonight my pretties I'm off to the first full cast rehearsal of A Midsummer Nights Dream. I'm playing Puck in this production, and Im so freaking excited! The script is awesome - an 80's version, and now that Puck is a girl I get a love interest too! woop!

I've been kind of making my own costume, getting ideas from etsy and youtube. So far, I've made some Hair Falls out of different coloured and different types of wool (they look pretty cool); and I've gotten busy with some rose petals for eye make up; (see>>) and I've kind of made a skirt! I'll see how it pulls together tonight.

And that's all she wrote!

El xo

Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh shit,.. road tricks!


Holy shit, it's been so long! Thought I'd better do a little posty post on this here bloggy blog. I've recently had to complete a blog assignment, so I'm in that kind of mood I guess. The bloggin mood. here i goooO!

... but maybe more later. For now I'll leave you with a picture. For it says a thousand words.