Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Fester

Happy This-is-the-only-day-chocolate-is-widely-accepted-as-a-breakfast-food Day!

Im celebrating easter this year with a little Lindt bunny given to my by a friend yesturday. And a mild hangover that needed some greasy bacon curing. That was sorted via a quick bus trip to market town (way to be closed waratah), where I took a detour to a little op shop.

I can't say it was an enjoyable detour. It was one of those 'actually full of shit that is also overpriced' ones. You know the sort. gah. BUT, when I'd lost all hope with the place, I found this little plate that reminds me of a cobblestone path. It was marked: "unusual plate; $5". MINE!

Anyhoo, yesturday was great. Olive Tree Markets were delightful, as usual, even better with a wonderful friend. We ate mini-dutch pancakes and drank chai tea!!


Origami bookmark; Babushka hair-clip; red Babushka gift tag; Big bow; Lindt Bunny!

Two Cards I bought from "High Tea with Mrs Woo". I'll frame them I think.
Stay Chipper!

El xox


  1. Why is 'High Tea with Mrs Woo' familiar Ellen? WHY?!

  2. It's the shop pretty much next to BlackBird loz. THAT'S WHY!?

  3. Love the plate!! And i pop into high tea to get their cards to keep all the time.