Thursday, September 17, 2009


21. now that's a number. unfortuantely I've been warned by many that "it's all down hill from here"...

on a brighter note, the party to celebrate my 21 bile filled years on this earth is this weekend. A mad hatter theme; to accomodate all those freaks and nit-wits i've befriended over the years. Should be fun really!

I've therefore made this hat...

Actual hat made from stiff felt. flowers from soft felt, embroidery and buttons, ruffled ribbon lace around the edge, and some silver balls. Delightful! I've attatched it to a headband, and it fixes onto my head - slightly to the side. :D It's also tiny. way smaller than my hand. WOOP!

In other delicious news, I was given a STEAMPUNK RING!!! from Felix for my birthday :). It's pretty much the greatest: SEE