Tuesday, March 31, 2009


As i was walking from Uni to my car in the bleakness that was this afternoon I was very nearly hit by a stick.

"A stick" you may ask....

Yes dear friends. A stick. A rather large stick.

I was merrily walking along, reading Strawberry Hills Forever and delighting in how very well Vanessa Berry writes, when a car drove past.... and it's spinning wheels flicked up a big stick that came a-crashing down just next to my head. JUST missing me.

Shocked, I swore, turned around to see a few people staring, and quickly turned back to the path I had been walking along.

This, my lovelies has taught me a dear dear lesson: I will never find anybody who can give me a clear and compelling reason why we observe "Daylight Saving Time."


  1. The end of Daylight Savings time is nigh and I for one do not welcome it. I appreciate daylight until around 7pm rather than only 5pm. Leaving uni after class at 7 is mad depressing when its dark.

    P.s I hope the car that attacked you with its missile wasnt me :p

  2. hear hear. Daylight savings hurts my brain!

  3. I live in a state where we are clever enough to not bother with that silly daylight savings stuff. I did fail to see why daylight savings was blamed for the stick trying to attack you though :-)

  4. wow! that was a thrilling short-story! I love to walk and read at the same time, but people usually stare at me like I'm crazy (why read when you could be texting, I guess is their logic...)
    take care and watch out for flying sticks!