Thursday, March 19, 2009

Russell Brand and various other fruits

I saw Russell Brand at the Enmore Theatre 2 days ago.... WOW!!!! He was fantastic, and my Felix is a little bit in love with him now. The trip home was loooonnng. Felix and I got stuck at Wyong for an hour and a half at 2 in the morning due to trackwork. We got home at 5am.

((I love this photo! The Focus is entirely on Russ, and he's looking quite serene))

In other news the play that I'm in opens tonight, after a bit of a rocky Preview last night ( for me anyway)
It's called Peepshow, and is presented by Tantrum Theatre. It's an installation piece situated in the Civic Arcade on Hunter Street, and will involve the audience walking to different parts of the arcade to watch 5 minutes performances. It's pretty insane and very rude, sexual, and intimidating.

SO COME ALONG!! $10 entry. Performances start at 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm nightly from tonight til Saturday this week. And from Wednesday to Saturday next week. Bookings are essential - call (02) 4929 7279. The Shows running time is roughly 80 minutes.

Well, uni soon. Off to class. (euk)

El xoxo

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  1. Russel Brand is at G20 with the protesting folk. Unfortunately he appeared a tad worse for wear when approached by Media & was unable to compose a single sentence to explain why he was where he there!