Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pegasus: The Mighty Colt

My lovely car, my first car, my little pride and joy...is no more.

Well...it's now with another family. My parents decided that Peg wasn't the car for my anymore, and they replaced her with a green Cino named Veena.

I loved Peg so much, so as a tribute to her and the adventures we had I'm going to make a zine... starting tonight.

El xox


  1. Aww, farewell Peg.

    It's always weird to say goodbye to things like that, I always had problems with it, especially cars for some reason. I spose you remember all of the trips you have been on and all of the memories attached to it.

    It can be harder than first expected. Weird, eh?

  2. ooooh a zine! we love zines!

  3. goodbye Peg.
    but hopefully your new one will be just as special :)