Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Op Shoppy Goodness

Hey Thrill Seekers.

It's been a while between meals. Assignments, plays, and life in general has kept me 'a-rocking' and 'a-rolling'.
I went to the library today, and found a new little Op Shop on the way :) I found three lovely treasures

This little piggy bank. HE IS THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe he will convince me to save a bit more money!

This GORGEOUS pendant of a Japanese lady in a kimono. It's hand painted on a shell type thing i think. So pretty

And this Genuine Leather, made in Italy shoulder bag. OMG! Been looking for one of these for ages, and got it for an awesome price!

Yay! I also spent the long weekend making this 'Big Bunch' of Pastel coloured flowers for BlackBird Corner.

Now I have 2 more assignments until Im free for the holidays!

Well, report to write. Gilmore Girls to watch.

El xo


  1. nothing is better than a good cheap op shop find =]

  2. We have ONE button Bouquet left & TWO vases. And SEVEN Brooches left. Pop in soonish puhleese my dear!!!! Your gorgeous creations are in demand!!!xx

  3. that piggy is soooooo cute! i hope it's not the kind of piggy bank that you have to break to open!!

  4. what an ADORABLE piggy bank!!

  5. What great finds! I especially love the necklace. I came across your blog from the Frankie forums =) I love glomesh too, there's a post on my collection on my blog if you're interested