Monday, February 16, 2009

Hieronymo's mad againe

With my mouth full of the taste of my one and only favorite red wine, it is time to let you in on my little news.

...the little things that i make are going to be sold in a lovely shop on Darby Street (the cafe and fancy pants shop central of Newcastle). *does a little twirl!!*

The shop is called Blackbird Corner, and it sells things by local designers, and it sells 'Frankie' magazine and so many cute treasures... and they are going to let me sell my things there!!

I can't believe it, I'm ecstatic. I've always wanted to sell my brooches and bouquets and toys,
and I've found the perfect shop to do so in!

So here are a few pictures of what will be in a store soon! *hip hip hoorahhh!*

So besides this little piece of news I have:

* put my neck out by stupidly thinking that because i can do weights at the gym i can also do them at home... NEVER DO THEM AT HOME!!!!

* made a big batch of choc chip and marshmallow cookies that are almost all gone

* played an unreasonably large amount of Puzzlequest

I am looking forward to these things this week:

# Getting my ipod's battery recharged

# drinking the rest of the wine in the fridge

# selling my wares

# receiving my Direct Debit card

# Mum and Dad giving Felix and I my fave lounge chairs from home!

# wearing my new threads

# reading 'Frankie'

And that's all she wrote :)

El xo


  1. I really like your flowers. That's super exciting that you'll have an opportunity to sell your wares. Congratulations!

  2. You are well amazing my love. The bouquet! Oh the bouquet...!

  3. wait woo what! do you live in newcastle?
    darby street is my regular haunt.
    and blackbird corner is lovery!


    i'll have to take a peek at them!

    frankie comes out tomoro

  4. congratulaaaaaaations! gosh i can't imagine how good you must feel about it!

  5. that's funny because i thought blossy and i were the only novooos!!
    OH MY! we need a catch up!! on darby street!!
    and or beaumont street!
    wheeeeere are you?!

    oh i am excited
    wee wooo

  6. Wow, those felt flowers are amazing! Next time I'm up Hunter way I'll try and visit Newcastle...