Tuesday, December 9, 2008


While holidays are gaping before me, I'm excited at how much reading time I have! By recommendation I picked up Twilight. With all the hype of the movie and the 'bestselling' italics that leapt up from the book cover, I decided to do the exact thing that I hated about the Harry Potter hype...

...I jumped on the bandwagon.

I expect someone will reveal me for what I am now!

This image >> pretty much shows how I feel when I read. Especially a book like Twilight with such fantastical elements. :)

I recently read 'The Sparrow', a science fiction novel - around about the same time I was playing the game Spore. The two combined made my reading experience so much better! Spore is about creating Creatures and the stages of your creatures evolution, and The Sparrow is about a group of humans visiting an alien planet and what they discover. It was fantastic. I would either be reading and wanting to play Spore, or playing and be wanting to read The Sparrow. I've never experienced such a strong connection betweens two texts before.

<< This is the main species from my Creations in Spore. The Orpheus Clan.

They're pretty incredible if I do say so myself!

I thinks that's all for now.

El xo

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