Saturday, December 13, 2008

Frivolities of the week

This week has been: wonderful; tiring; irritating; enlightening and exciting.

Last Saturday: After work, while my Felix was orchestrating a LAN in a basketball stadium, I went to a free concert with Joelypoo and Annelies. The Seabellies and The Boat People were playing, and they were fantastic! We grabbed hamburgers and sat on the grass while all sorts of winds were a-blowing. After this outing I headed to a little party, where Elton John and party goers busted out "I guess that's why They call it the Blues". God Damn. What a catchy P.O.S. By Monday, the song was mine...

On Wednesday I went to the beach with Joely and Annelies... I also discovered that Annelies is a fucking legend. She leant me 4 old installments of Frankie that I hadn't read. We cooked chicken wings, stir fry vegies, and apple pie with berry coulis while Tux the Cat rampaged around out tootsies. I played foosball with Joel... also suffering the brutal truth, that I'm terrible at Foosball, and scream when the ball comes towards me...

"I think foosball is a combination of soccer and shish kabobs." - Mitch Hedburg

Yesturday was my best friend in the entire world's birthdae. And I watched her drink a massive bowl of chocolate.

I've never been prouder. :D

El xo

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