Saturday, January 31, 2009

Giving As Good As You Get

I'm a sick little poppet.

Not only do i have a cold in summer, but the only reason that I am sniffling in the stifling heat, is because I gave blood!

That's right! The generosity Karma isn't what it used to be. Obviously they've taken the white blood cells right out of me and left me in a freezing air conditioned room to suffer.

But really people, give a little of your blood!! It's totally worth it... besides all the pain and fainting and the getting sick part.

No but really, I'll be giving again despite all the baddies. Because really, saving three people at the cost of a cold is pretty fucking unreal.

El xox


  1. Good on you for donating. Shame about being sick, especially in this season, theres nothing worse than sniffles in the summer!

    Get better soon.

  2. hey elly! ....your last name isn't really naanbread... is it?

    i hope you get better. this reminds me i must give blood again. saving 3 lives and getting free muffins and milkshakes? hell yes.

    /maisie #1